Milenko Korica


Teaching: Organic Chemistry Laboratory Practice; Higher Biochemistry Laboratory Practice
Office Hours: Any time (previous e-mail arrangement)
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Marija Adamko

senior laboratory Technician

Department of: General, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry and Methodology of Chemistry

Mateja Budetić

Postdoctoral researcher

Department: Analytical, Organic and Applied Chemistry
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Marija Paurević

Postdoctoral researcher

Teaching: Organic Chemistry 1
Office Hours: Tuesdays 13.00 - 14.00 P.M.

Martina Šrajer Gajdošik

Assist. Prof.

Deputy Head of Department for Education and Students
Teaching: Biochemistry 1; Biochemistry 2; Biochemistry Laboratory
Office Hours: Tuesdays 1 - 2 p.m.
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Marija Jozanović

Assist. Prof.

Teaching: Organic Chemistry 2; Organic Chemistry, Laboratory 1; Organic Chemistry, Laboratory 2
Office Hours: Tuesday 10 -12 a.m.
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Martina Medvidović-Kosanović

Assoc. Prof.

Teaching: Physical Chemistry 1; Physical Chemistry 2; Physical Chemistry Laboratory 1; Introduction to Voltammetry and Polarography; Senior Laboratory of Physical Chemistry
Office Hours: Wednesday 10 –12 a.m.
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Mirela Samardžić

Assoc. Prof.

Teaching: Analytical Chemistry, Laboratory 1; Toxicology and Environmental Chemistry; Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry; Analytical Environmental Chemistry; Electroanalytical methods
Office Hours: Wednesday 10 -12 a.m.
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