Mirela Samardžić

Mirela Samardžić

Mirela Samardžić

Assoc. Prof.

Teaching: Analytical Chemistry, Laboratory 1; Toxicology and Environmental Chemistry; Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry; Analytical Environmental Chemistry; Electroanalytical methods
Office Hours: Wednesday 10 -12 a.m.
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Research Interests

Surfactants; Environmental and food chemistry; Quality control; Electroanalytical methods; Microfluidic techniques.


  • PhD in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology (FKIT), University of Zagreb, Zagreb 2011.
  • MSc: –
  • BSc in Chemistry and Biology, Department of Chemistry and Department of Biology, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Osijek 2006.


  • Highlighted publications:
  1. M. Samardžić, O. Galović, S. Petrušić, M. Sak-Bosnar: The analysis of anionic surfactants in effluents using a  DDA-TPB potentiometric sensor Int. J. Electrochem. Sci. 9 (2014) 6166-6181.
  2. Galović, M. Samardžić, S. Petrušić, M. Sak-Bosnar:  A new sensing material for the potentiometric determination  of anionic surfactants in commercial products Int. J. Electrochem. Sci. 9 (2014) 3802-3818.
  3. M. Samardžić, M. Sak-Bosnar, D. Madunić-Čačić: Simultaneous potentiometric determination of cationic and ethoxylated nonionic surfactants in liquid cleaners and disinfectants Talanta 83 (2011) 789-794.


  1. Associate at the project “The application of nanomaterials in the development of ecco-sensor”, J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek (2015-);
  2. Associate at the project “The use of nanomaterials in the construction of potentiometric surfactant sensors for industrial and environmental applications”, Croatian science foundation (2014-);
  3. Associate at the project “Development and construction of potentiometric surfactant microsensor” BICRO (2014-);
  4. Project leader at the project “Development of new sensor for anionic surfactants determination”, J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek (2013-14)
  5. Associate at the project “Electrochemical and structural analysis of Schiff’s bases”, J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek (2013-14);
  6. Associate at the project “Development of chemical sensor for determination of stress in humans”, J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek (2013-14);
  7. Associate at croatian technology transfer project, Department of Chemistry and Saponia, chemical, food stuff and pharmaceutical company, “The development of a portable analyzer for the determination of anionic surfactants in wastewater”, Croatian science foundation (NZZ) and Saponia d.d. (2010-12);
  8. Associate at the project “Carnosine – functional ingridient of poultry meat”, Croatian Institute of Technology (HIT) (2009-11);
  9. Associate at Croatian-Hungarian bilateral cooperation project “Chemical Sensors for Biomedical, Food and Environmental Applications”, J.J. Strossmayer University, Department of Chemistry and Department of General and Physical Chemistry / South-Transdanubian Cooperative Research Center, University of Pécs (2007-11);
  10. Associate at Project No. 291-0580000-0169, “Chemical Sensors for Biomedical, Food and Environmental Applications”, Croatian Ministry of science, (2006-11).

Professional Activities

  • Editorial Boards: –
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  • Refereeing/Reviewing (Selection): Current Chemistry Letters; Technologica Acta