Marija Jozanović

Marija Jozanović

Assist. Prof.

Teaching: Organic Chemistry 2; Organic Chemistry, Laboratory 1; Organic Chemistry, Laboratory 2
Office Hours: Tuesday 10 -12 a.m.
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Research Interests

  • Analytical and Organic chemistry, chemical sensors, microchip capillary electrophoresis, potentiometry, spectrometry
  •  Deployment and optimization of a home made microchip capillary electrophoresis device, with C4D detector for bioanalytical applications. Development of methods for determination of biogenic compounds (dipeptides and amino acids) in quality of food product, water and industry. Establishing a rapid and inexpensive MCE methods for separation and quantification of various analytes.
  • Development of electrochemical sensors for measurement of redox properties and redox compounds in biological materials, as well as the development of enzyme based optical/electrochemical sensors.
  • Exploring new methods for separation and quantification of most common cations in tap water.


  • MSc


  • Highlighted publications:
  1. Sakač, Nikola; Regušić, Lidija; Sak-Bosnar, Milan; Jozanović, Marija; Breslauer, Nevenka: Direct Potentiometric Determination of Ptyalin in Saliva, International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 9 (2014); 7097-7109.
  2. Sakač, Nikola; Sak-Bosnar, Milan; Horvat, Marija, Direct potentiometric determination of starch using a platinum redox sensor, Food chemistry, 138 (2013), 1; 9-12
  3. Sakač, Nikola; Sak-Bosnar, Milan; Horvat, Marija; Madunić-Čačić, Dubravka; Szechenyi, Aleksandar; Kovacs, Barna, A new potentiometric sensor for the determination of α-amylase activity, Talanta. 83 (2011), 5; 1606-1612.


  • fellow at Project No. 291-0580000-0169 (2006 – ), Chemical Sensors for Biomedical, Food and Environmental Applications, Croatian Ministry of science
  • fellow at Project: Development of chemical sensor for the determination of stress in humans, (2013 – )
  • fellow at Project: The use of nanomaterials in the construction of potentiometric surfactant sensors for industrial and environmental applications (2014 -)

Professional Activities

  • Editorial Boards
  • Committee Memberships
  • Refereeing/Reviewing (Selection)

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