Anamarija Stanković

Anamarija Stanković

Postdoctoral researcher

Birthdate: September 5th 1985
Birthplace: Osijek, Croatia
Teaching: Inorganic Chemistry, Laboratory 1
Office Hours: One hour before and after practical work
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Research Interests

  • Study of spontaneous precipitation of various hydrate forms of calcium oxalate (calcium oxalate monohydrate, calcium oxalate dihydrate and calcium oxalate trihydrate) associated with pathological biomineralization.
  • Voltammetric techiques (cyclic and differential pulse voltammetry), investigation of biologically active compounds.


  • BSc Department of biology and chemistry, University of Osijek, 2010.


  • Highlighted publications:
  1. Medvidović-Kosanović, Martina; Balić, Tomislav; Marković, Berislav; Šter, Anamarija.
    Comparison of the Electrochemical Properties of Two Structurally Different Novel bis-Schiff Bases. // International Jornal of Electrochemical Science. 10 (2015) ; 63-83.


  • „Electrochemical and structural analysis of Schiff bases“ Scientific project run in 2013/14; supported by the J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek (associate)

Professional Activities

    Committee Memberships:

  • HKD
  • HKZ